With over twenty years of expertise in land surveying, Site Design offers several critical advantages to REIT’s, attorneys, developers, architects and construction firms working in South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia.

Since our beginnings in 1991, Site Design has worked to a higher standard in all aspects of land surveying. Today, our reputation rests not only on the accuracy of our work, but on the level of due diligence we bring to every project to ensure an unmatched level of detail in assessing a property.

With nearly 25 years practicing the science and art of land surveying, Site Design as attracted, retained and nurtured one of the most accomplished teams in the Southeast. Here you will find that optimal blend of seniority and the bright young minds in touch with the latest innovations. The result is a team that consistently exceeds client expectations, providing a deeper level of insight about a property.

The continuous pursuit of excellence within these four disciplines challenges each Site Design department to be at our best.

The result is a team with the professionalism, collective intelligence and technology to measure, research and assimilate every meaningful detail about your property. Site Design land surveyors provide comprehensive findings and information to match your needs.

As we piece together the big picture for every client, our goal is to find that “snake in the woodpile” – that often hidden detail that can sometimes make or break a project.

Regardless of the complexity of your project, Site Design will be in constant communication with your business, ensuring you understand all scientific findings and property options. SDI wants your decisions to be based on the most thoughtful analysis we can provide.