Geographic Information System (GIS) technology from Site Design provides developers, organizations and government bodies with a set of comprehensive tools to manage, analyze and visualize critical data. Extensive amounts of data is assimilated and transformed into a variety of easily understood reports and graphics for analysis and decision-making.

gis-largeGIS provides one central point to conduct spatial analysis, overlay data and integrate other solutions and systems. Site Design’s GIS supports a variety of platforms.

GIS modeling and spatial analysis provides for easy decision making.

Site Design, Inc. approaches the development of your geodatabase to allow for the long term growth and development of your GIS. From utility and county mapping to detailed geometric analysis, Site Design is there to design, install and service your GIS.

Our six steps to a successful geodatabase design include:

Phase I: Business Rules
Site Design, Inc. will meet with your personnel to determine the utilization of the GIS system by each department. Business Rules will be developed to establish parameters for the Data Model Design.

Phase II: Data Model Design and Business Rules Integration
Site Design will create a well constructed Data Model to be the guide for the design of the Geodatabase. We will build a flexible and efficient Data Model to lay the framework for current and future growth, and provide a seamless expansion of the GIS system.

Phase III: Geodatabase Design and Topology Implementation
The Geodatabase is the heart of any robust GIS application. It will be comprised of both simple and topological feature classes, corresponding to the Data Model.

Phase IV: Data Integration and GPS Location
We will assess all of your in house data and organize the data to import into the Geodatabase. GPS will be utilized to locate all features necessary for mapping.

Phase V: System Implementation and Training
Site Design will conduct an assessment of your network, servers, work stations, software and hardware to insure compatibility. We will train the project coordinator in daily administration of the Geodatabase and network operations. In house training for all personnel is also included in our service.

Phase VI: Ongoing Support and Maintenance
Site Design is capable of providing short term and long term support and maintenance for the GIS system. Our GIS team is available for ongoing support, maintenance and development of future applications.