Since our founding over 20 years ago, Site Design has been a trusted civil engineering resource to many of the visionary developers, architects and builders who have helped to reshape the landscape of the Southeast. Our emphasis on sustainable solutions that enhance quality of life has been a part of the transformation of Upstate South Carolina into one of America’s most dynamic and livable regions.

The distinctive ONE Greenville center presented unique challenges for Site Design and our partners at Hughes Development Corporation.

How has Site Design excelled over past two decades?

A Solutions Mindset
We take the time to understand the true needs of each client and bring a “solutions mindset” to each project, regardless of size. Our experience over the years has allowed us to see beyond possible initial obstacles and use our creativity to help our clients get the maximum return on their time and investment.

Building a Stable Team
Teams function best when experienced, talented people are able to do what they do best. Over the years, we’ve attracted exceptional engineers, team players with a passion for detail. Together, they’re involved in the planning, design and permitting of every project to ensure each Site Design client receives a complete and thorough product that meets your needs.

Professional and Engaged
With millions of dollars and precious time riding on the success of a project, our clients expect nothing less than total professionalism in all aspects of the relationship. But just as important is having a team that’s approachable, engaged and brings positive energy to the process. At Site Design, no matter how great the challenges, we enjoy our work and appreciate the opportunity to build lasting relationships.