3D Laser Scanning

Site Design Inc. has recently added 3D Laser Scanning to our scope of services in the southeast region (primarily South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia). A relatively new technology, 3D laser scanning is a more accurate and significantly less time-consuming methodology for capturing a physical object’s exact size and shape. It’s quickly becoming the new industry standard as a highly effective solution for measuring as-built conditions inside buildings and other structures.

In the 3D laser scanning process, data points are generated at a resolution such that intricate details of objects are generated in a cloud of x-y-z point data. Robotic mirror and rotation control, along with a laser rangefinder and internal digital camera, are used to capture a project site from a given point of view. The scanner turns to capture successive vertical lines of scan points. Data points are collected at an incredible rate of 50,000 points per second, with an effective range of 400 to 500 feet.

The resulting data points create a precise image of the site or object scanned so that highly accurate measurements can be made for the basis of design and construction. These models can then be used for 2D civil drawings, 3D computer models and final survey documents.

At Site Design, we believe 3D laser scanning provides an unmatched dimensional knowledge of a structure, especially compared with working from often outdated drawings and having to deal with the limitations of conventional field measurements. Particularly in the case of structural areas that are difficult to access or are environmentally hazardous, conventional data gathering has often led to safety issues, labor-intensive practices, travel considerations, and just as important, costly mistakes due to faulty calculations. With high-resolution 3D laser scanning, detailed dimensional measurements can easily be obtained safely, quickly and without revisiting the plant site.

For more information about 3D Laser Scanning at Site Design, please contact Clay Jones.